Alliance Health Clinics has experience in treating a wide range of sporting and overuse injuries, from the casual participant or office worker, to elite athletes.

Osteopathic treatment can aid in the treatment and prevention of:

  • Back and neck strains
  • Shoulder injury or instability
  • Arm/elbow/wrist/finger pain - including tendonitis and pulley injuries
  • Pelvic/hip injuries  including osteitis pubis
  • Knee/ankle/foot injuries including ligamentous strains or sprains

Osteopathic treatment will consist of a thorough examination and diagnosis (including any further referrals if needed for imaging or intervention) to determine not only the symptoms but to identify the cause of the injury; followed by hands-on therapy including soft tissue massage/stretching, deep friction, myofascial release and joint manipulation.

Treatment will be aimed at both healing the injured region and also preventing any compensatory patterns that may cause further complications.

Osteopathic treatment is particularly helpful for young and growing bodies, where sport can place excessive demands on developing bones and joints.

Our resident Exercise Physiologist can aid in both the management and prevention of injuries through the implementation of:

  • Development of individual exercise programs
  • Rehabilitation of pre-diagnosed injuries
  • Management of injuries