Alliance Health Clinics stocks the following therapeutic products to assist or aid you with achieving optimal health:

Swiss Balls (55cm & 65cm) $60.50 & $71.50

Foam rollers Long (90cm length) : $60.50
Foam rollers Short (30cm length): $30 or rent either for $5.50.
Premium quality foam rollers for pilates and rehabilitation exercises. Non-skid surface. Suitable for stretching floor exercises and pilates work.

Spikey massage balls: $15 assorted colours.
Can be utilised for self massage exercises to reduce muscle tension and stimulate the effects of sports massage. They are also effective tools in sensory therapy and therapeutic massage.








Tubigrip- size K, L and M: $27.50 per 1m.

Tubigrip is an elastic tubular bandage that can be fitted to wear around your pregnant tummy, to give you support. It helps to take some of the load of the baby’s weight off your lower back and improves your tummy muscles capacity to get you through the day.



$20, three sizes, small 2-8, medium 6-11 and larger 11-14, two styles; GripSox Stretch Top and GripSox anklets. two colours black or red. The main feature of GripSox® is a "non-slip" rubberised sole to help with the gripping of equipment, various floor surfaces, and mats.


Dr MED Tennis Elbow brace $27.50


Glucosamine (200 tabs) $80


Hand Putty $22


Dentons Pillows (high, low and multi profile contour pillows) $77


Premax Massage Cream $30


Theraband/Theratube $8.50 per 1.5meter

TheraBand resistance bands and tubing are used as tools for rehabilitating and restoring muscle and joint functions and for improving conditioning, balance and building strength.







The Wheat Bag. Small $15. Large $20.

The Wheat Bag is chemical-free, and contains wheat and lavender essential oils. The Wheat Bag provides passive and relaxing heat to ease muscular aches and pains, for areas such as the neck or back, as well as for menstrual pain.


Flex-Ice (ice packs) $15

Flex-Ice packs are thick and stay soft hot or cold. They can be used either Hot or Cold and are microwavable - Flex-Ice gel packs heat in a minute and will stay hot for hours. Flex-Ice packs can be heated straight from the freezer.