Want the Benefits?

  • Cardiovascular Fitness – Stimulates heart rate and blood flow!
  • Low-impact Exercise – Great for those in rehab!
  • Balance Coordination – Promotes body awareness and proprioception!

Those high bounces and flips that we love to do result in sprains and strains! Recent data from Monash Injury Research Institute found some interesting trends!

The average age for trampoline-related injuries is eight years old.

One-third of injuries presenting to emergency rooms resulted from falls on trampolines.

32% of patients not admitted to hospital were diagnosed with sprains, strains, or dislocations. 37% of injuries were to the upper limb, and 31% were to the lower limb.

So this means we need to think about injury prevention. Parents, what can you do to help prevent injuries? Does your trampoline have any safety netting? If attending a trampoline centre, can a staff member help teach your kids how to bounce?

Uncontrolled bouncing or more than one child bouncing at a time is an accident waiting to happen. Parents this gives you an opportunity to talk to your kids! Tell them about avoiding injury before trampolining.

Safety on trampolines is important to reduce the likelihood of injury. Some of these measures include:

  • The proper installation and use of safety nets
  • Only one child on the trampoline at a time
  • Consider training or tuition for those wanting to perform flips and somersaults
  • Only place your trampoline away from hard surfaces, trees or fences
  • And last, but not least, always have adult supervision!

If an injury occurs from trampolining, please seek help from a health professional. Treatment and rehabilitation are helpful for strains, sprains and dislocations. Especially if the injury is not serious, you may consult an osteopath.  If needed see a medical doctor in the emergency department of your local hospital.

Did you know that an Osteopath has knowledge of how the body moves and heals? Many injuries including back, upper and lower limb complaints can be assessed and treated. Their hands-on techniques can improve motion and decrease pain. They can advise on injury prevention, rehabilitation and when to return to trampolining.

Correct early management and treatment aid body healing. Resolution of an acute injury is best before they become long-term problems!

Contact your local Osteopath now to find out more!


Written by Adelaide Turner, Registered Osteopath, Alliance Health Clinics Mitcham

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