With such a wide variety of toys on the market, here’s a list of 10 great toy ideas, that aren’t just for playing but also aid in your child’s development.


  1. Playdough

Not only does it come in wide range of inter mixable colours and has the ability to be transformed into a variety of shapes and objects but play dough also aids in early child development. It helps to develop hand and wrist strength and fine motor skills. Explore their creativity, with the option of adding in accessories like rolling pins, cookie cutters, decorate cupcakes and kids cooking sets. The possibilities with playdough are endless.


  1. Colouring pencils

Do you have a future artist on your hands? Whether it be your child’s favourite movie character, a family portrait or drawing their only creation, colouring in is a great activity to ignite any child’s imagination. Colouring in helps your child develop hand eye coordination as well as a sense of accomplishment, once their masterpiece is finished. Faber Castell sell triangular shaped pencils to help little hands work on holding a pencil correctly and comfortably.http://www.faber-castell.com.au/55721/Products/Playing-Learning/Products/Colour-Pencils/splrn_index1.aspx


  1. Swings

Enjoy the fresh air and challenge the vestibular system and have some fun too. Teach older children to swing themselves and work on motor skill development, spatial awareness and general fitness. The feeling of flying through the air, while being safely strapped into a swing is something that generally most children, no matter their age love, with most asking to be pushed higher and higher. So not only does your child learn and develop important skills but your body gets a work out as well.


  1. Micro scooters 

With a variety of scooters available, ranging from ones with a seat on them that are pushed along by the parent, to scooters that are just the right height for your child, watch them progress and gain confidence at all stages. From toddler to pre-schooler they have it all! They’ll learn balance and build strength and co-ordination. https://www.microscooters.com.au/scooters/preschoolers-scooters


  1. Bikes

From balance bikes, to training wheels to finally riding unassisted, watch your child grow in confidence as they learn bilateral coordination and figure out how to work both legs together to move the pedals and go racing away down the bike track. My favourite bike is from specialized, with kids bikes made with the same quality and safety elements as any adults’ bike.



  1. Musical Instruments

Sorry guys this gets loud!  You can easily purchase xylophones, triangles, tambourines, shakers for kids.  They can learn about beats and timing whilst developing fine motor skills and their ear.  With music comes dance and song and pre-schoolers enjoy songs that repeat words and melodies and rhythms with a definite beat. With musical instruments, song and dance children develop co-ordination, social and communication skills and it’s also a fun and easy way to teach children about different topics i.e. alphabet, vocabulary, animal noises. It tests their memory and gets them up and moving.


  1. Dress Ups


Role play is fantastic at this age!! Popular ideas are doctors and nurses, princesses and fairies, superhero and tradesman. Pirates and animals too. By pretending to be other people, children experiment with new ideas and behaviours and discover what they do and don’t like. It enables children to let their minds wander. Lots of fun and learning to be had by simply putting on different clothes.




  1. Gumboots

Wet weather doesn’t stop your children from needing to run around and burn some energy. Don’t let some rain and grey clouds keep your children from playing. Think about wet weather play, with umbrellas, raincoats and of course gumboot, to keep those little feet nice and dry!  So get outside and jump in some puddles, and burn off some of their energy.


  1. Sporting Equipment

Tennis racquets, T-ball, basketball, Hula hoops the options are endless. From throwing and catching to aiming and hitting sport is great for strength, balance, and coordination. Playing with sports equipment teaches children how to work together as a team. Children learn patience, how to share and take turns.  My little tikes have a variety of equipment available for which ever sport your pre-schooler is interested in.



  1. Board Games

Twister, connect 4, bingo and hungry hippos are great games for kids at pre-school and a good idea for indoor fun. They help with problem solving and increase communication skills, while also helping develop the ability to concentrate and focus for longer periods of time. Board games are the perfect way engage your child’s attention, while spending time together as a family.