The growth and developmental process from birth to teenage years is a rapid and sometimes demanding time of change for the body. This process can be the cause of, or may exacerbate, common problems in babies and children such as:

  • trauma from childbirth itself (eg neck strain)
  • childhood falls
  • postural/growth stress
  • sporting injuries

The team at Alliance Health Clinics will work to determine the cause of these problems – either through diagnosis of underlying musculoskeletal problems preventing normal development, or through further referral if necessary.

The safe and gentle approach used by the Osteopaths at Alliance, make their treatment especially suitable for your baby or child. A thorough history will be taken encompassing information from birth, followed by a full physical examination of the patient to determine the cause of the problem and the suitable course of action – either osteopathic treatment or referral to other health care practitioners.

Treatment from very early on as a newborn may assist in the management of:

  • neck strain
  • musculoskeletal strain
  • breast attachment/feeding difficulties

As your child grows, Osteopathic treatment may assist in the management and prevention of growing strains on the body, and any injuries sustained.

It may enable your child to develop free from the restriction of musculoskeletal components of problems such as:

  • “growing pains”
  • postural pains
  • headaches
  • sports injuries
  • gait difficulties

Our Exercise Physiologist can work to provide rehabilitation for:

  • any musculoskeletal injury that may have been sustained by your child – sprains, strains, muscular tears or bony breaks
  • musculoskeletal difficulties associated with cerebral palsy